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Ayni Projects Presents...Concerts At The Farm
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Saturday, 25 October 2014 00:00

Ayni Projects (www.ayniprojects.com), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is launching an exciting new concert series at its enchanting sanctuary in north Petaluma. The new Concerts at the Farm series signals a brand new dimension to Ayni’s outreach with a mission to support the arts, support musicians who give their lives to their art and the communities they uplift, and continue to provide funding for Ayni’s humanitarian projects in the Central Andes in Peru.

Musicians featured in these intimate concerts represent a diverse spectrum of styles that span the “World,” Jazz and Classical arenas with much cross-pollination. The thread that ties all of these performances together is the principle of “Ayni” or reciprocity, through the mutual experience of healing and uplift that occurs when musicians and audiences interact in such an intimate and welcoming environment as the Munay Farms sanctuary.

A Vision of “Ayni” (Reciprocity) and Community
According to series organizer and percussionist Ian Dogole, “I have had the immense pleasure of performing in this magical space on numerous occasions, often with my musical hermano, Tito La Rosa, and the experiences have been both transcendent and unforgettable. Thanks to Ayni Projects founder and series host Ailish Schutz, we now have an opportunity to reach out to our local community with a series of world-class musical performances that is designed to elevate our spirits and bring us all closer together at a time when there is so much chaos and struggle across the planet.”

Performers in the Inaugural Season
One of the intriguing elements of the Concerts at the Farm series is the programming of unusual combinations of performers of diverse backgrounds and cultures who are not only stellar musicians and composers; they are bandleaders and visionaries. This is sure to generate thrilling new possibilities that our guests will experience up-close and in the moment.

Here is a small sample of musicians you will hear in varying combinations during our initial season: Tito La Rosa, Ian Dogole, René Jenkins, Jennifer Curtis, Yassir Chadly, Pauchi Sasaki, Gary Malkin, Matthew Montfort (Ancient Future), Mariah Parker, Paul McCandless, Deborah Winters and many more.

The Concert Experience at the Munay Farms Sanctuary
When you attend a concert at the Munay Farms sanctuary, the feeling is akin to a homey, oversized living room where you can stretch out and still be close enough to the music to feel like you are part of it. The environment is warm and inviting and conducive to a powerful and memorable listening experience.

Community Drumming (and Dancing) at the Farm
One of the most uplifting and healthful activities we can share is the playing of drums as a group. And what could be a more welcoming environment in which to revel in the beat of the drum than the Munay Farms sanctuary?

We invite you to bring your drum (or use one of ours) and join percussionist Ian Dogole in a warm, wild and welcoming ritual of community drumming that will call in the spirits and drive out the demons. And if you just want to dance, come on down and shake it up with us. Stay tuned for dates and times for future drumming extravaganzas.

Upcoming Concerts
Doors open at 7:00 and concerts begin at 8:00 unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, November 15 – René Jenkins' Weya CD Release Celebration - SOLD OUT!

Tickets/Reservations – $25 (available online here). You can purchase tickets online by Paypal or Credit Card. Concert location will be emailed upon completion of your online purchase.


René Jenkins – Native American, Zapotec and Mayan drone flutes, didjeridu, spirit chaser, rain stick and percussion

Ian Dogole – udu, kalimba, hang, dumbek, talking drum, shakers

Kim Atkinson – tuned gongset, talking drum, frame drum, world percussion


Nick Simmons – charango, guitar

Deborah Titus – vocal invocation & blessings

The Ayni Projects Concerts at the Farm series debuts with a CD release event featuring master multi-instrumentalist and sound healer René Jenkins and his stellar cast of collaborators. Celebrating the release of his second CD entitled Weya, (a Kashaya-Pomo word meaning nurturing healing energy), René and friends will take you on a magical journey that will uplift your spirits, energize your senses and open your heart. Featuring instruments from across the planet and musicians who love to play in the moment, you will experience music of extraordinary depth and beauty, along with a profound sense of communal interchange, all resonating at a high frequency. This performance will also pay tribute to the life of Angeles Arrien, with a salute to her cross-cultural teachings of the Four Directions and the relationship between their archetypal forces and humanity. Join us for our maiden voyage!

View a video of René Jenkins, Ian Dogole and Kim Atkinson in concert here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcd2b4RzrI8

Sunday November 30th at 7pm - Duamuxa & Natalia en Concierto de Chile al Norte

Tickets/Reservations – $25 (available online here or at the door). You can purchase tickets online by Paypal or by cash or check at the door. Concert location will be emailed upon completion of your online purchase.



Natalia Contesse

Duamuxa & Natalia Contesse present an evening of the folklore and poetry of the Southern Cone countries, especially Chile, Argentina and Peru. Their original songs are inspired by the tradition of the cantoras like our beloved Violeta Parra and Margot Loyola. Duamuxa will also perform songs from the Latin American song book with heartfelt renditions in vocal duets and beautifully done guitar duets. These musicians and composers will share their spirit in songs about the sanctity of the water and the land, songs of life, love and loss, and the joy of celebrating the sun. Join us for evening celebrating the power of song, poetry and music.

A little about the musicians:

Duamuxais a word of our own making to reflect our love of two muses - Dua (dos) Muxa (musas) - the muse of music and the muse of lyric poetry and a pun on ourselves as the main duet. Ricardo & Marci Valdivieso are the cornerstone of Duamuxa, a musical, creative project that began in 1999. We are at heart singer-songwriters who travel the road of world music with an emphasis on the music of Chile, Argentina and Peru, while still playing with the sounds of contemporary rock, blues and jazz. Our music is a river that merges our hybrid identity of having been born at the tip of the Southern Cone and living in the North while facing the very same Pacific Ocean that called to our ancestors.

Natalia sings and plays from the heart with a unique take on music "a la Violeta Parra." As a composer, singer/songwriter and researcher of traditional Chilean culture, she integrates her research into her compositions, giving life to and investing in a new Chilean repertoire where traditional forms and rhythms such as the Tonadas, Cuecas, Decimas, Refalosas and sayings are woven into her work. Natalia’s music fuses elaborate musical arrangements with new sounds and elements, thus creating a refreshing take on the "Traditional Chilean."

View videos of Natalia Contesse here - http://www.nataliacontesse.cl/#!videos/c1poa

Friday, December 12 – Ian Dogole, Gary Malkin & Deborah Winters: A Munay Farms Holiday Gathering

Tickets/Reservations – $25 (available online here or at the door). You can purchase tickets online by Paypal or by cash or check at the door. Concert location will be emailed upon completion of your online purchase.


Ian Dogole – udu, cajon, kalimba, hang, shakers

Gary Malkin – piano, vocals

Deborah Winters – vocals

Just in time for the holidays, percussionist / bandleader Ian Dogole, pianist / vocalist / composer Gary Malkin and vocalist / bandleader Deborah Winters will energize your festive spirit with a program of music that evokes love, passion and heart-felt sensations. While all three of these recording artists have performed together in a variety of other combinations over the years, this concert marks the debut of their trio configuration. The connections between these three are plentiful. Gary Malkin was responsible for Ian’s inclusion on the Munay CD that he co-led with Peruvian multi-instrumentalist and shaman Tito La Rosa. As a result of that memorable collaboration, Ian and Tito have performed often, including numerous concerts at Munay Farms and a recent suite of duets on Ian’s Outside the Box – Jazz Journeys & Worlds Beyond CD. Deborah Winters and Gary Malkin have been collaborating for more than 30 years, including a 2009 Deborah Winters CD entitled Inspired, which they co-produced. The combination of their voices and spirits will summon the higher angels and will surely touch your heart.

The December 12 performance will serve as the springboard for their New Year’s Eve concert performance at the world-renowned Rancho La Puerta health and wellness resort in Tecate, Mexico. Join us as we usher in the holiday season with transcendent, moving music that will help us all experience a feeling of harmony and balance in a turbulent world.

View a video of Ian Dogole and Deborah Winters here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4dvwi1Kvvk

View a video of Gary Malkin here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3aFskpIi3s

Saturday, January 17 – Ian Dogole, Matthew Montfort & Mariah Parker – A Magic Carpet Ride Across the Great Musical Divide

Tickets/Reservations – $25 (available online here or at the door). You can purchase tickets online by Paypal or by cash or check at the door. Concert location will be emailed upon completion of your online purchase.


Ian Dogole – udu, cajon, dumbek, kalimba, hang, world percussion

Matthew Montfort – scalloped fretboard and electric guitars

Mariah Parker – piano, santur

Since the late 70s, percussionist Ian Dogole and guitarist Matthew Montfort have been creating multicultural music that knows no boundaries. As the leader of a variety of ensembles, Dogole has integrated the music of many cultures into a highly adventurous, Jazz-based melting pot while Montfort, the architect behind the pioneering world fusion ensemble Ancient Future (including Ian Dogole on five recordings) has assimilated elements of many indigenous music traditions, including those of Indonesia, India and the Middle East, into a captivating brew of cross-cultural delights. Pianist / santurist / composer Mariah Parker has crafted her own delicious blend of “world jazz” as leader of her Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble, which just happens to include Dogole and Montfort. Her compositions are captivating, uplifting and complex. The melding of these three unique musical talents is sure to stir the imagination and transport you to new aural oases never heard before. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to journey to distant lands.

View a video of Mariah Parker’s Indo-Latin Jazz Ensemble here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZhEPGOag30&list=UUw_bNDIooHZz1jD3n5i7qTA

View a video of Ancient Future here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro0VAo7a9BY

View a video of Ian Dogole here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiOAjWHrCXc

Unless otherwise stated, tickets for concert series events are $25, which includes an appetizer and a beverage of your choice (wine or non-alcoholic). Additional appetizers and beverages will be available at a nominal price.

For more information about the new Concerts at the Farm series, visit here. To learn more about all of Ayni Projects’ humanitarian initiatives in Peru, visit here.

Ayni Projects Honors Ancient Culture

Paylla! Gracias! Thank you! Obrigado! Arigato! Tak Sumiki! Merci! Grazie for coming home to Ayni Projects

Ayni Projects is dedicated to participating in the development of healthy communities by working with local leaders (in the Americas) to co-create and implement initiatives that include all members of the community in a reciprocal way whereby people give what they have to offer, and receive what they need in return. It is the belief of Ayni Projects that in this way everyone becomes invested in the well-being of the whole community as the act of social reciprocity is synonymous with this well-being.

We continue to invite you to be a part of our schools and our model health care clinic that serves over 3,000 indigenous people in the Central Peruvian Andes. 


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