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Opening of the School of Huantay
Photos by: Elba Bravo.
Added: Mar. 31, 2006
Kendra & Michaels Photos
Photos from Peru.
Added: Jan. 11, 2005
Ancash Tour July 2004
Photos by: Allison Pinto.
Added: Dec. 13, 2004
Elba's Most Recent Photos
Photos from Peru.
Added: Dec. 8, 2004
About Ayni Projects Video
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About Ayni Projects (Spanish)
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Ayni Projects
[i-nee] (n.)
A Quechua word meaning reprocity whose underlying premise is; so as I give, so shall I be provided for. A principle which when operant in any relationship, group, or system creates a field of intention that allows for the possibility of positive change, synchronicity and miracles.

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