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Flower Ceremony with Tito. Wed, Aug 30th, 7pm - Petaluma 08-30-2017 7:00 pm $125.00
Flower Ceremony with Tito. Thu, Aug 31st, 7pm - Petaluma 08-31-2017 7:00 pm $125.00
Benefit Concert with Tito La Rosa and Ian Dogole. Friday, Sept 1st, 7pm - Petaluma 09-01-2017 7:00 pm $35.00
Sacred Chakana Ceremony with Tito. Sat, Sept 2nd, 1pm - Petaluma 09-02-2017 1:00 pm $125.00
Studying with Tito. Sun, Sept 3rd, 1pm - Petaluma 09-03-2017 1:00 pm $125.00
Group Sound Healing Session with Tito. Labor Day, Mon, Sept 4th, 4pm - Petaluma 09-04-2017 4:00 pm $45.00

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Ayni Projects
[i-nee] (n.)
A Quechua word meaning reprocity whose underlying premise is; so as I give, so shall I be provided for. A principle which when operant in any relationship, group, or system creates a field of intention that allows for the possibility of positive change, synchronicity and miracles.

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