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Tito La Rosa returns to Petaluma for Two weeks Sept. 17-29, 2014

Ayni Projects

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Cantos por Nacimiento

Songs of Birth

Ayni Projects Welcomes back Tito La Rosa
Please note that we have made some changes to the schedule to make some events easier to attend on the weekend. These changes are in red print.

"The theme of this visit is embodied in the word Paqarina. It is the lake. It is the source, it is every place of and every moment of birth, every space that generates creativity and life. When we are creating, we are a Paqarina, when something opens within us, we are a Paqarina." -- Tito La Rosa

To reserve a space in any of the events below, unless otherwise noted, you can register online at or call 415-990-9042

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A note from Marty and Rutherford founder of Kumpi Mayu Foundation.

A note from Marty Rutherford: "Dean and I formed the Kumpi Mayu Foundation to bring clean water to all in need, beginning with indigenous villages surrounding Cuzco. This June our foundation and the municipality of Cuzco sponsored the first concert in five hundred years in the temple of Korikancha in order to raise consciousness about the need for clean water. Tito, and his remarkable musical companions, were the star attractions. They were wonderous. Tito was powerful. He is in a time when his focus, his creativity, his connection with sound is at its finest. The way he held the space and gave everything to each the 500 people present was beyond amazingthe music vibrated in everyones bones!

Do not miss this chance to hear Tito play, to be with him. He is at a moment of immense change and pure joy. New love, new babies, a revived sense of the importance of each day is resonating through every note he plays. He is sharing this gift with all who care to listen and feel. Each concert, workshop, ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate AYNI to live in reciprocity you give an immeasurable gift to Tito by being present, he gives his music and his heart."

Schedule of Events

Group Sound Healing Sessions/Concerts with Tito

Sunday, September 21st, 6pm and Saturday, September 27. Maximum 40 people $40. per person.

Flower Ceremonies

What is a flower ceremony? - A Tito Tradition, Click here for a full description.

Friday, September 19, 7pm, Friday, September 26, 7pm, Monday, September 29, 6:30pm Maximum 12 people $100 to $150 sliding scale.

Sacred Chakana Ceremony

This workshop/ceremony needs exactly 4 people, or 2 groups of 4 people each. It involves reading the symbols of the traditional Andean Altar for each of the participants. It is a journey into the inner world of the Andean Cosmos through word, sound writing and drawing. Below Tito writes:

"The Chakana (square cross) is the symbol of symbols in the Ancestral Andean Tradition. It is said that it was not created and that it always existed. The Chakana is that which orders the universe, the space that is within and the space that is outside. Within the Chakana are contained the three worlds. The Hanan Pacha, The Uhju Pacha and the Kay Pacha. The Grandfathers and the Grandmothers of the tradition divided the world, the Chakana, into these three worlds, the Hanan Pacha, the world above, The Uhju Pacha, the world within, and the Kay pacha, the world of the present or the here and now. This workshop-ceremony is a shamanic journey into these three dimensions of time and space and life.

The Chakana is also a celebration of life and its diversity. It is a bridge to the cosmic, to the trancendent, and to ones interior. The Chakana is sacred geometry, it is sound and it is Light. In this workshop we will also work with the four sacred directions, with your chaupin, your center, your power, and your essence.

Saturday, September 20, 10am to 1pm, or Thursday, September 25, 7pm to 10pm $100.

Pacarina: Ritual de Nacimiento

In the Andean tradition, Paqarina is a word and symbol which refers to the origin, which links us to the dawn, with birth and with life. Paqarina is the lake. It is the source, it is every place of and every moment of birth and every space that generates creativity and life. When we are creating, we are a Paqarina, when something opens within us, we are a Paqarina.

Like all transcendental words, there exists in the meaning of Paqarina the idea of duality that is complementary, like the opening and closing of cycles, so that if there is to be a dawn or a beginning, a cycle has to be closed. The closing Paqarina weaves the possibility of the opening of a new time. In this process we ask ourselves, what cycle must end, what spaces should close, what part of me must die so that life can arise again, so that I can start a new cycle, and open a new space within me and in my life.

This ceremony is a ritual of passage and of birth that allows us to close a cycle so that we can open a new cycle. We will have a moment with the sacred fire and with messages from Grandparents from the four sacred directions of our Tradition to assist us to dissolve and purify everything we have to leave behind to make space for what we want to be born. On paper we will write and draw from a state of higher consciousness, exploring all that we want to release and transform from our past and our present life. Then we will visualize, and give breath and shape to our dreams together, working with nine sound vibrations of the Andean Tradition in a shamanic journey of inner transformation, life and birth.

This ceremony is between 3-4 hours in length and is for a minimum of 8 people and a maximum 14 people.

Tuesday, September 23, 7pm or Saturday, September 27, 11am $100.

Studying with Tito

El Poder Curativa de los instrumentos Ancestrales de Antigua Peru

(The Healing Power of the Ancestral Instruments of Ancient Peru)

“This course is my favorite thing that Tito does.” -- Ailish Schutz

Join us for a magical, experimental and experiential class, a journey through the acoustical universe of ancestral Peru. We will explore the uses of the instruments and their applications to healing body, mind and spirit. Working with a variety of instruments such as whistling vessels, zamponas, bamboo flutes, patutos (conch shells), ceramic antaras, feathers, seeds, shakapas, bells and drums. We will discover their uses in healing and their connection to the realm of spirit. We will explore how to use these instruments in ceremonies and rituals. This course will be taught using the knowledge and principles of the Cosmovision of the Peruvian Andes. It is a powerful and yet simple course on how to work shamanically with sound. You do not need to be a musician or even to work with sound to benefit from taking this class. Its teachings apply to all of life. This course is constantly changing in its content, so you will always learn something new each time you come.

Sunday, September 28, 12 noon 5 to 6 hours $125. Course size 4 to 16 people.

Private Sound Healing Sessions or Readings

By appointment, please call 415-990-9042. - 1 person
 $300. - 2 people 
$350. - 3 people
 $375. 4 people $400

Reading of the Oracle of the Abuelos: THE MESA ANDINA

This work is based on the Andean Cosmovision or Mesa. An Andean Mesa is an altar with symbols of power from our tradition. The ancient Elders or AMAUTAS who were the teachers and guardians of the tradition, passed down to us symbols to be read and interpreted. These Symbols are an Oracle. An Oracle is a message, it is a symbolic path, a guide. An Oracle is a metaphor of Life. In this one on one session we work with the Andean mesa, a sacred altar of the Tradition along with the sounds and spirits of 13 musical instruments. The session lasts two and a half hours. $275. One person $350 for a couple. By appointment 415-990-9042

Music Lessons

Treat yourself to a private lesson on the Charango or flutes or explore with Tito how to work with your instrument or voice shamanically. By Private appointment Call Ailish 415-990-9042.

Thirty percent of net proceeds from these events will go to support the Chaupin School In the district of Carhuaz in Ancash Peru.

As always we will are asking for donations for the Chaupin School. If you would like to "adopt a child" for the school year, a fifty dollar monthly donation, or donate any other amount please click here to donate. Thank you.

If your interested in Tito's music remember that CDs & MP3s can be purchased online at

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